Handmade Books

from Glen Milner

In a digital age when e-books are predominant and bookstores shut down, a video on how books are handmade allows us to appreciate paper books and the sentiments embedded in the analog things. 

Music Is the Universal Language

Bobby McFerrin shares the power of the pentatonic scale. 

It’s amazing that people can get the correct intervals without being taught every single of them. Somehow those intervals are wired in people’s brains. Apparently, every audience, everywhere, gets that. 

via TED

© J. A. Kim 


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Typographical Chess Set

by Hat-Trick

Bringing chess back into modern style. Simple and to the point. 

Filo Tape Dispenser

© Marie Schenker

The only tape dispenser you need. All others are visual crime. 

Why Videos Go Viral - TEDTalks


A simple explanation for why viral videos go viral. 


Micro-Green Kits

© Uncommon Goods

While it comes in two varieties—Spice and Veggies—I’m not going to be eating anything from here. But it’d be nice to have it growing on my desk, just to be able to look at it when I’m tired. Maybe I’ll eat a carrot. Maybe. 

Uncommon Goods via bltd

Monthly Measure

© Sebastian Bergne

Every day, you just push the dial over one spot. It shows the date, and the day of the week. Clever and minimalist. Until you lose the dial. 

Luminaire via bltd

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